Gas Gauge and 22KG Weighting Scales

Never get caught out without gas again!

Now you’re cooking with gas!

Knowing how much gas is left in a bottle is one of life’s great mysteries. And running out of gas in the middle of a barbie can be one of life’s greatest disasters.

There are many bush remedies for this dilemma, ranging from pouring boiling water down the side of the bottle, to lifting it up over your head and, if you do your back in, it’s probably full. We have a much better – and safer – solution. It’s called NO NAG.

NO NAG takes the guess work out of knowing how much gas you’ve got left in your gas bottle, so you’ll never be nagged again about ruining the BBQ.


  • Weighs all gas bottles up to 9KG capacity.
  • Operates as regular scales so you can weigh your prized fish, or check the approximate weight of your luggage before you go to the airport.
  • Weighs in both pounds and kilograms
  • Ergonomically designed so it’s comfortable to grip and safe to use
  • More accurate and reliable than similar priced scales or gas regulator indicators
  • If you use swap’n’go you can check the level of gas remaining in your bottle before making the swap

NO NAG is a brand new product designed by Aussie blokes for a quintessentially Aussie way of life.

Take a closer look at NO NAG…

A closer look at the NO NAG: Weighs in both kilograms and pounds, ergonomic handle, easy to read.

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